At Sheekharr, we are all IN!

We share an inspiring purpose — to make life better, for our colleagues, our customers, our communities and the world. Our shared purpose energizes and motivates us to boldly innovate — imagine breakthrough solutions, advance new technology platforms, enable new business models, and improve daily work practices.
People are valued here — and welcomed in — as part of a diverse team of experienced people committed to learning growing and succeeding, together.
Become part of our team where we are all IN to make life better!


Every day, Sheekharr employees bring their skills, creativity, and passion together to deliver ingredient solutions that enhance people’s lives. We are innovators who combine the power of technology with the best of nature to delight customers and consumers. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in ethics, safety, quality, and sustainability.

Care First.

We actively work to safeguard and enable the well-being of our people, the quality of our products and our reputation for trust and integrity.

Innovate Boldly

We courageously strive for breakthrough innovations driven by our relentless curiosity, bold thinking, speed of decision-making and agile execution.

Owners Mindset

We think and act like owners - where everyone takes personal responsibility to anticipate challenges, proactively search for opportunities.


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