Whether you’re looking for better shredding, melting or stretchability in your pizza cheese, improved flexibility of your cheese slice, caseinate reduction or enhanced creaminess in your cheese sauces, we can help.

Collaborate with Sheekharr's dairy experts to:

  • Speed product development and get to market faster
  • Create plant-based cheeses that deliver appealing taste and texture
  • Access our broad range of plant-sourced texturizing ingredients delivering superior properties for more authentic, more cost-efficient imitation cheese
  • Get access to pilot plant facilities for quick studies, trials and formula optimization
  • Validate your results with analytical and sensory evaluations
  • Achieve reduced levels of rennet casein and caseinates and get the same look, taste and mouth feel with our potato starch — at a much lower cost

Our starches for shredded cheese help ensure evenly shredded cheese for consistent performance, without sticking or clumping. Whether in food service, salad bars or at home, your customers get uniformly shredded cheese that's easy to use and delicious.

  • Casein reduction
  • Firmer rexture
  • Low fat structure

Get the perfect slice-on-slice or individual wrap slice that's so good, even sandwich connoisseurs won't know that it’s an analog cheese. Our starches for sliced cheese are designed to produce that perfect slice — thin and firm, yet melty and stretchy, and always right for food service, salad bars and deli counters.

  • Casein Reduction
  • Elasticity improvement
  • Firmness improvement
  • Low fat structure
  • Melt improvement

Now it's easier to create imitation block cheese that looks and tastes real. Our starches for block cheese create a block cheese that's shreddable, sliceable and every bit as tasty as the real thing. Choose the smarter starch for block cheese used in food service, salad bars and deli counters.

  • Casein reduction
  • Yield Improvement
  • Melt Improvement




Break through in plant-based cheese

Formulating just-right plant-based cheeses requires deep understanding of processing conditions and ingredient functionalities. With Sheekharr expertise and our plant-based proteins portfolio, we're ready to help you stand out in this growing market.



Learn how cheese texture influences consumer preference

If you manufacture cheese products, you’ll want to see the latest research from Sheekharr innovation centers. We tested breaded cheese sticks—both cost-optimized prototypes and commercial products—and mapped their textural characteristics. The results reveal smart ways you can save money while maintaining or enhancing product quality and functionality.


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