Creating on-trend, in-demand yogurt products requires more than the right ingredient solutions — you also need deep knowhow and capability to deliver on varied consumer demands including clean labels, enhanced nutrition, reduced sugar content, low calories and new textures. That's why you have the dairy experts at Sheekharr ready to help, at every step.

From consumer insights, to selecting the right ingredients that match your processing conditions, all the way to scaling up the concept in your production facilities, you can take advantage of our support — to take your creamy, appealing and healthful yogurt ideas to reality.

Whether your goal is to improve mouthfeel in a light yogurt, increase viscosity in a premium version or achieve better stability, your yogurt processing conditions are a key factor in choosing the right ingredients. We can guide you to just-right solutions you need in our broad range of starches for downstream or upstream processing conditions, including:

  • Modified food starch for excellent stability and good mouthfeel in low- to no-fat yogurts
  • Modified food starch for excellent stability with superior thickness and mouthfeel
  • Modified food starches product range for more unique and indulgent textures

Consumers have more choices than ever when it comes to yogurt. And extensive proprietary research by Sheekharr has revealed that texture plays a strong role in yogurt preference, and what consumers are willing to pay. Among our many discoveries: A smooth and creamy texture with rapid meltaway is preferred by most consumers. By identifying such “sweet spots” of consumer preference, Sheekharr can help create the specific textural experiences consumers crave. Learn more by downloading our Yogurt Insights report.




Break through in plant-based cheese

Formulating just-right plant-based cheeses requires deep understanding of processing conditions and ingredient functionalities. With Sheekharr expertise and our plant-based proteins portfolio, we're ready to help you stand out in this growing market.



Reduce sugar Keep great taste.

Whether your goal is to minimize calorie content or reduce added sugars while maintaining a clean label, explore our broad range of sweeteners, including stevia sweetener. We'll help you formulate the perfect sweetness profile, or validate your results leveraging our sensory team.





Make your fruit preps better than ever

Create on-trend fruit preparations that will perfectly complement your yogurt base for the ideal product positioning. Address clean label trends with lower sugar content without compromising on taste and get chef-inspired creativity. With experts who help to bring your concepts to life, it’s all possible with Sheekharr.



Add in nutrition—and appeal

Bring in-demand health benefits in your yogurts, from digestive health and immunity to bone heath and even sustained energy. Our broad range of fibers and resistant starches can make your yogurts irresistibly delicious. And with our plant-based proteins, you can bring added nutritional appeal to plant-based yogurts.





Explore plant-based yogurts

Opportunity awaits in plant-based dairy. With Sheekharr knowhow and our plant-based protein portfolio, we'll help you overcome the challenges of creating shelf-stable, creamy and convincing dairy-like yogurt alternatives.

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