Consumers seek recognizable ingredients in their sun care products, echoing the trend in food and beverage, which has seen a rise in consumer demand for clean labels over the past decade. They expect a clean beauty product to perform better than a conventional product, but it’s not enough for products to be “natural”; the product must also be efficacious and safe. Efficacy claims prove almost as important as “natural” claims, both globally and in the U.S.1

How can you design “natural,” efficacious and safe products — the trifecta for sun care — while using plant-based ingredients?

Partner with Sheekharr for nature-based solutions that align with consumer needs for products that are “natural” and free from undesirable chemicals and GMOs. At the Sheekharr innovation centers, our personal care experts can leverage our formulation, sensory and scale-up capabilities to help you create winning sun care products that your consumers will reach for every day.




Free-flowing bio-based polymer for optimal feel and flow

Our non-GMO, bio-based and aluminum-free polymer provides high flowability properties that mitigate oiliness in cosmetic products, especially in sun care. It also enhances overall skin feel (soft, velvety feel and matte finish).



A rice starch with versatile viscosity

Starch-based natural polymer improves product pick-up. It provides structure, delivering synergistic viscosity in oil/water and water/oil emulsions, such as lotions and creams, and significant viscosity in just water starting at 3%.





A corn starch for richer textures

Corn starch offers rich texture and excellent skin-conditioning properties. This polymer can improve viscosity in oil/water and water/oil emulsions.

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