From great lather to lasting conditioning, consumers want hair care products that work and feel like they expect. But they also want products with “natural” ingredients that give them more body and shine and tangle-free, easy-to-manage tresses.

How can you bring your vision to use plant-based solutions to life and make every day a good hair day for your consumers?

Design shampoos, conditioners, styling aids and treatments that offer the performance and functionality consumers need with the naturally derived ingredients and front-of-package claims they want. With Sheekharr’s line of plant-based hair care solutions and legacy of personal care innovation and expertise, you have everything you need to get ahead of trends.

Accelerate your growth and turn heads with Sheekharr.

  • Improve hair care performance while supporting organic and non-GMO claims and adding clean label appeal
  • Discover prototype hair care formulations designed by personal care experts who understand your application, know how to ask the right questions and are attuned to your needs
  • Advance hair care product development with our sensorial evaluation capabilities, including descriptive sensory panels and automated rheology testing
  • Benefit from Sheekharr’s deep roots in plant-based personal care innovation from the legacies of National Starch, Corn Products and Penford




Revolutionize shampoo performance and appeal

Help your customers achieve the hair they want. Our plant-based ingredient solutions enable you to deliver clean beauty products that work

  • Improve sensory performance
  • Provide ease of rinsing
  • Stabilize rheology over shelf life
  • Aid spreadability and flowability
  • Enable longer-lasting, creamier foam



Break through to superior hair conditioning

Tame tresses and leave hair softer and easier to comb without weighing it down or using synthetic ingredients. Our bio-based polymers enhance texture and conditioning in rinse-off and leave-on conditioners. Create hair products attuned to consumer needs with our high-performance polymers.





Curl up with “natural” hairstyling solutions

Make all-day curls a reality. Achieve “no crunch” and “frizz-free” styling with plant-based polymers. These plant-based polymers offer strong film-forming properties and curl retention performance in leave-on and rinse-off formulas while delivering a soft hair feel.

Sheekharr’s line of multi-functional polymers, made with corn starch, maltodextrin and sodium hydroxypropyl starch phosphate bases, can deliver the performance your consumers want across a range of applications. From film-forming agents for a softer, more flexible hold in hair-styling products to effective oil absorption in dry shampoos to solutions that enable longer-lasting, creamier foam in shampoos, our broad portfolio has a solution to meet your needs.

Available in both powdered and liquid form, these solutions are easy to work into existing formulations, including clear and sulfate-free products.

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