The demand for nature-based skin care products is on the rise. Globally, “natural” is the most sought-after claim on personal care products, and “natural” claims are key purchase drivers for the majority of global skin care consumers.1 Yet designing skin care products consumers can feel good about — and that perform as expected — requires solving shelf life, rheology and sensory challenges.

How can you go beyond the expected and set your “natural” skin care products apart with experiences that feel luxurious from the first dollop, dab or drop?

Add a touch of naturally derived luxury to your consumers’ favorite skin care products with innovation from Sheekharr. Our plant-based ingredient solutions, coupled with our personal care knowhow, can help you improve your consumers’ skin care experience. Pack more plant-based pampering into your body, face and hand products with help from Sheekharr.

Give consumers skin care products that feel good — and that they can feel good about.

  • Design lovable skin care routines with powerful plant-based polymers
  • Rely on Sheekharr for the solutions and personal care innovation you need to develop skin care products free from undesirable chemicals and GMOs
  • Leverage our sensorial evaluation capabilities, including descriptive sensory panels and automated rheology testing




Design moisturizers fine-tuned to your consumers’ skin — without all the greasiness

Discover nature’s luxurious side with plant-based ingredients for silky smooth lotions and rich heavy creams. Create emulsions, gels, skin creams and lotions full of consumer appeal and without chemical modifications.



Focus on lush, lathery cleansers that rise off with ease

Advance cleanser performance for a foamy lather and ease of rinsing with plant-derived ingredients for facial and body cleansers. Say “no more” to tackiness after washing and “oh yeah” to just-right skin feel.





Enhance body powder with a "natural" touch

Achieve effective oil and moisture absorbency with plant-derived ingredients. And that’s not all; you can also enhance sensorial attributes to help skin feel silky soft and smooth.

Create skin care experiences that resonate with consumers while extending your products’ shelf life with Sheekharr’s polymers. Offering the same rheology and sensory performance as chemically modified polymers, our bio-based solutions improve viscosity and stability for smooth and rich textures in your lotions, creams, washes, sun care and more.

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